sábado, febrero 13, 2010

Valentine's day....

Today marks the one month anniversary of the worst disaster in Haitian history. On January 12, 2010, forty seconds of terrifying shaking killed more than 230,000 people and left over a million homeless.

Water, medical supplies, food, shelter and basic security are in enormous demand. Infrastructure destroyed in minutes will take years if not generations to rebuild.

International aid organizations have struggled to deliver much needed relief but now have new, major concerns - the rainy season approaching just weeks away. Two years ago Haiti was hit by two tropical storms in succession. A repeat of that would heap more misery on an already devastated nation.

Over 500,000 people are living in makeshift shelters provided by some aid organizations but these shelters can not withstand what is to come. Haiti is in need of rapid construction of more long term camps in order to get through the season.


The Haitian government has declared Friday, February 12th to Monday, February 15th as days of prayer for Haitians to remember loved ones on the one month anniversary of this devastating earthquake.

Sunday, February 14th is your opportunity to remember and give.
See you there.



*****Mensaje enviado via facebook por Candace Martins creadora de Love 4 Haiti*****

De no ser por una pre-fiesta de San Valentin el jueves pasado en Coco Maya, patrocinada por Xcaret, ni cuenta me hubiera dado que el "Dia del Amor y la Amistad" se acerca peligrosamente.... no suelo dedicarle mucho tiempo ni energía a ese día en particular. Sin embargo, el mensaje de "Candida Martinez" me puso a reflexionar acerca de que podríamos utilizar este tipo de días creados por la mercadotecnia para apoyar causas.... en nombre del amor y la amistad.... entre humanos... entre ciudadanos... entre naciones........ apoyémos pues a este pequeño Haiti devastado por un terremotro y amenazado por las lluvias!


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