martes, septiembre 29, 2009

Another states...

Today i woke up
and thought,
lot of things were on my mind
I couldn't pay attention at all
but i decided to walk.

Finally, i went out
when the sun was setting
watching everything around me
the blue never is enough
and i felt happy.
The wind touched my face,
my hair blowed in the air
and i knew that i was fine.

I arrived on time
the ocean laughted
and my feet played with the sand
i looked up to the sky
and suddenly she watched to me sad.

She used to take care of me,
"My sweetheart, please don't cry
you shouldn't use this tears
for something in the middle of the night"

I had to say goodbye
i came back to wonderland
with Floyd and Cerati
and now i'm just telling you
what nice it was!

4 comentarios:

Yucko dijo...

Muy bonito. Tengo que preguntar quien lo escribió.


Ana dijo...

Yo lo escribí. Gracias!

Yucko dijo...

Eso pensé pero queria estar seguro. Ya quisiera yo tener tu talento. Sniff.

noemi dijo...

Es el renacimiento perpetuo, si.

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